Refilling with another flavor

All Baton pods are refillable! We don't recommend, however, that you fill the same vape pod with a different eliquid flavor, as this may affect the optimal taste and performance.

Refilling with non-Baton nicotine-salts

Refilling Baton pods with non-Baton nic-salts is not recommended, as Baton pods and vaping devices have been tested and optimized for our products only. Using non-Baton nic-salts can shorten the life of a pod. Please note that eliquids with a higher concentration of sugars will also burn the pod faster.

Refilling with oil

Baton vape pods can be refilled with oil.

Baton vape devices run at 3.7 volts, with a pod coil resistance of 1.8 ohms.

How to fill pods

Make sure to take BOTH rubber stoppers out of the pod when filling with eliquid or the air will have nowhere to go and the vape liquid will just get pushed out of the bottom. Please make sure to prime new pods before vaping. To do so, after allowing the liquid to soak for up to 10 minutes, manually blow into the fill holes a few times before inserting it into your device. It's best to leave your vaping device/pods on their side when not in use, as this limits any leaking and if it does, it's not going down into the device, so it's an easy clean. It's best to clean the entire vaporizer and cartridge with a Q-tip whenever you have it changed and do not leave the pod in the device overnight, just to be extra safe. The condensation you may find on our pods isn't leaking, it's "pod sweat" caused by the anti-spitback.

When to change pods

After 3-5 uses of the same vape pod, or if a burning flavor is noticed. Please note that eliquids with a higher concentration of sugars will burn the pod faster. It's recommended not to allow your vaping cartridge to become completely empty before refilling. Taking the pod out and shaking/flipping it can help re-wet the coils.

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