In order to use your points, before you place an order, log in to your Smile account where it says "Rewards Program" in the lower right corner of our homepage (on mobile, there should be a popup to log in, and then you click on the shopping bag with a heart in the lower right). You'll be able to spend your points there.

Here are the rewards we offer:

$10 off coupon

300 Baton Points

$25 off coupon

500 Baton Points

$40 off coupon

700 Baton Points

Baton points do not expire, but the coupon code generated does after one month if not redeemed. If that happens, contact us at and we'll get you taken care of.

Ways to earn points:

Signup for an account

100 Baton Points (we give you 100 to get you started)

Place an order

2 Baton Points for every $1 spent (based on subtotal only)

Write a product review

100 Baton Points (one time award)

Celebrate a birthday

100 Baton Points (yearly, if birthday added to profile)

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