** Did you know? What many vapers worry is "leaking" is actually Baton's patent pending anti-spitback system (what prevents the juice from getting in your mouth) causing condensation or "pod sweat" on the pods. This is not the same thing as leaking. **

Make sure to take BOTH rubber stoppers out of the pod when filling with juice or the air will have nowhere to go and the vape juice will just get pushed out of the bottom. Please make sure to prime new pods before vaping. To do so, after allowing the juice to soak for 10 minutes, manually blow into the fill holes a few times before inserting it into your device. It's best to leave your vaping device/pods on their side when not in use, as this limits any leaking and if it does, it's not going down into the device, so it's an easy clean. Do remember to clean the spitback in the mouthpiece because that is where some juice can build up and can either get into your mouth or leak out the side holes.

A more advanced tip is to take a thin strip of tape and wrap it around the base of the vape stick's mouthpiece to cover both holes on the side. This will keep the ejuice that builds up in the anti-spitback from leaking out and is a pretty easy clean. It's best to clean the entire vaporizer and cartridge with a Q-tip whenever you have it changed and do not leave the pod in the device overnight, just to be extra safe.

We recommend refilling each vape pod a maximum of 3-5 times to ensure optimal tastes, and before the pod is empty to avoid a burnt taste (halfway is a good time to refill to avoid leaking). Sometimes air bubbles can get trapped in the vape coil, causing a harsh hit. (You will see a bubble near the hole at the center of a pod). If that happens, please take the pod out and shake it a couple times to release the bubbles. Please note that ejuices with a higher concentration of sugars will burn the pod faster.

Other helpful hints: It's recommended not to use car or high wattage chargers and to unplug the vape device completely when finished charging. Be sure to also keep your pen vape out of the heat as much as possible and to clean the inside of your Baton regularly.

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