Here are some tips we can offer you:

- Take both rubber stoppers out when filling the pod with juice (important)

- Do not fill the pod higher than the top of the center tube

- Prime new pods before vaping (allow juice to soak)

- Leave Baton device + pods on their side when not in use

- Clean the spitback in the mouthpiece regularly

- Pod sweat (condensation) is a thing

- Clean inside your device regularly using alcohol and a Q-tip

- Do not leave a filled pod in your Baton overnight

- Only use the same pod 3-5 times; refill before it's completely empty to avoid burning the pod

- Take the pod out and shake it if you're getting a harsh hit

- High sugar ejuices will burn the pod faster

- No high wattage/car chargers; unplug after charging

- Heat + Baton = not friends

Thank you for being part of our Baton family.

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