What are nic-salts, and how are they different from regular eliquids?

Nicotine salts are a type of processed form of nicotine primarily used in pod vaping systems (low-output devices). They mimic the effects of standard combustible tobacco and are usually much more satisfying for the vaper. Nic-salts or 'salt-nics' allow the added salts to bind to the nicotine molecules to help deliver a more concentrated, smooth and gratifying vape hit.

Baton Vapor Nic-Salts

All Baton salt nicotines are manufactured in Henderson, Nevada. Our nic-salts contain a 50/50 ratio of VG and PG; natural and artificial flavorings; and our own proprietary blend of nicotine that prevents a harsh throat hit. We take great care in sourcing our premium nic-salt ingredients to deliver only the best for our customers.

Bottom line: Nicotine-salts are much stronger than regular e-liquids, and should not be used in sub-ohm vaping devices or RDAs/tanks. We do not affirm that using any type of nicotine is "safe" and strongly urge all vapers/consumers to do their own research regarding what vapor devices and liquids best suit their individual lifestyle and needs.

Why do the nic-salts in Baton vape pods become darker?

Don't worry, this happens! Sometimes oxygen or sunlight can change the color of the nic-salt, or the heating of the e-liquid itself. As e-liquid steeps and nicotine oxidizes it gets darker. A slight change of color does not affect the performance of Baton pods, but please ensure your vapor products are not left in the sun or heat for an extended period of time, because this can alter the taste. We recommend storing your nic-salts and Baton device in a cool, dark place.

Help! I can't get my nic-salt bottle open

All of Baton Vapor's nic-salts have a childproof cap by law. In order to break the seal, push down while twisting the top to get it to open. Occasionally you may encounter a nic-salt cap that is tough to open; we recommend using pliers to loosen it. If you are still unable to get your salt-nic bottle(s) open, please reach out to us with a picture at: orders@batonvapor.com. Thank you!

Why do some of my Baton nic-salt bottles have different tips?

Occasionally you may receive bottles with two different plastic fill tips; one is the old design, and one is the new design. This is due to a supplier shortage and is by no means an indicator of the age of your vape liquid.

How do I properly store Baton nic-salt e-liquids?

We recommend a cool, dark place away from pets and children, and to keep your bottles tightly sealed when not in use. It's recommended to label the bottle with a marker the date you opened it if you like to alternate them. Unopened nic-salts can store for up to a year.

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